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Precision Clock Systems has been supplying quality Swiss and British manufactured digital and analogue clock systems to leading electrical
contractors and industrial-medical entities since 1990. We also make, along with our heritage partner street, tower and church bell clocks.

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Range of Clocks

We supply and install full range of digital and analogue precision clocks and time systems for a wide range of application fields. This includes outdoor and indoor clocks, clock movements, master clocks, and time servers.


Our Services

We help our clients with restoration, maintenance and repair of all type of clocks including Historical outdoor clocks ensuring that clocks are returned to their original condition whilst retaining their full historical integrity and value.

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Industries We've Worked With Already


  • Stainless steel UK and Swiss manufactured IP rated clocks

  • Multiple Time Displays available

  • Up to IP65 rated clock systems

  • Wall mounted or recessed clocks

  • Standard PoE time solutions

  • Date and Time clocks for use in stardard-compliant Pharma and Production environments

Banking and Financial

  • World time zone clocks for financial centers opening times

  • Ceiling suspended or Wall mounted clock units

  • Horizontal or vertical time displays

  • Up to 15 locations of your choice available

Historical, Tower/Street Clock Restorations and Repairs

  • Restoration of Heritage Tower clocks, mechanisms and Iron work

  • Electrification, modernization and upgrades availble

  • Gold leaf options available for clock hands

  • Upgrading of older Tower clock controllers with modern brand new technology

  • New Heritage projects incorporating both modern manufacturing methods and classic styles

Cold stores - Convenience food processing

  • IP rated clocks,

  • Modern stainless steel manufactured units

Hospitals and Theater Areas

  • Swiss or UK manufactured threater clocks

  • Analogue and digital displays available

  • IP rated clocks for highest hygiene standards

  • Open areas and cost-effective clock systems available

  • Standard PoE systems time solutions


  • Bespoke stainless steel court clocks

  • Government offices

  • Historical locations special clock requirements welcomed

  • Economic time solutions available for all areas and environments

  • Specially Swiss designed and manufactured clocks for Mental Health facilities and High security centers

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