World Time Zone Wall Clocks

  • Vertical display
  • Horizontal display

Vertical display – up to 15 zones

Horizontal display time zone clock – 20 models – up to 15 zones

Analogue Clocks

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Flip type calendar
  • IP PoE analogue clocks

Indoor range 25 – 80cm Ø

Outdoor range 40 – 80cm Ø

Date Calendar Wall Clocks

  • Alphanumeric
  • Countdown
  • Julian & Numeric date
  • IP PoE calendar clocks

Alphanumeric calendar

Countdown Clocks
one & two row models

Multi-function studio clocks with EBU/SMPTE option

Digital clock with one or two Programmable up/down counting stopwatches

Ethernet NTP time servers
& radio time code receivers

  • 5000 series time servers
  • DCF77 & MSF 66KHz

5000 series Time Server with single or dual Ethernet NTP ports and multiple Programmable control outputs

488HS3 satellite time receiver

Time & Frequency Deviation monitoring and control clock systems

6010 range – 57mm or 100mm digits

6100 model – 20mm digits

Most clock ranges are available with a choice of display sizes and with a variety of different case styles and finishes to suit almost every type of application requirements.

If we do not have a standard product that exactly meets your requirement please ask us to quote for the design and manufacture of a special unit for your application.