GPS NTP Time Server

for your Clock System and Network

5200 network time server front panel

5200 network rear panel with option modules fitted

World Time Wall Clocks – Overview

5000 series network time servers provide a complete time synchronisation solution for both standard network applications and also more complex networked systems and installations.

These time servers have many different standard and optional configurable signal interfaces to ensure compatibility with an extensive range of current and legacy equipment in applications requiring accurate time synchronisation.

Typical applications include air traffic control systems, broadcasting, CCTV security systems, computer and communications networks. industrial process control, voice and data recording, surveillance and many types of mechanical and electronic digital and analogue secondary slave clocks.

The 5000 series network time server has London Underground and Network Rail Infrastructure approval (PA05/03968)


model case type 10/100Base-t network interfaces zCode® digital code or pulse output option module positions
5200 1U high 19″ rack one two four
5201 1U high 19″ rack one one four
5400 2U high 19″ rack” one two eight
5600 2U high 19″ rack” two two eight