Global data centres, is now a major industry. In the cooler climates of Northern Europe, Ireland has become a European Leader, and with MobaTime analogue, and digital clocks, the industry can relay on the reputation of a Swiss Company that is synonymous with quality and reliability. Able to operate in the cool environment of such data buildings, the MobaTime brand is well placed to accelerate the growth of this important sector, here in Ireland.

Available with a multitude of sizes, movements, dials and hands as well as different mounting variants, and thus can be easily integrated into new and existing facilities.



GPS time signal receiver for precise global system time synchronisation
Required standard GPS for Garda Station time servers.


Bright, 12 or 24 hour, ultra reliable time and date display with choice of blue, green, red or yellow characters.
Required standard for Garda Custody and Interview suites.


5000 series GPS or GL0NASS synchronised Ethernet NTP Time Servers for clock systems and networks
Required time server standard for Garda Stations.