6010 series Time and Frequency

monitoring and synchronisation clock display

6010.057.R.S Time and Frequency monitoring clock with 57mm – 2.3″ red digits
also available with blue, green or yellow digits
:  25m – 75′

6010.100.G.S Time and Frequency monitoring clock with 100mm – 4″ green digits
also available with blue, red or yellow digits
:  50m – 150′


6010 series time and frequency monitoring and control clocks are designed to provide a clearly visible display of time and frequency in power generation and distribution control rooms.

These clocks have an accurate mains frequency meter, the also show the standard time derived from the internal or external precision time reference, the frequency time derived from the 50 or 60Hz supply frequency and the time difference between the standard time and the frequency time.

Three sets of independently programmable voltage-free relay contacts close on precise time intervals or on selected error conditions..

An ethernet ntp interface is available for remote setup and data evaluation and a remote control handset is provided for manual adjustment of the time and relay interface parameters.

Features, options and specifications

  • standard and programmable operational features
  • status relay Programmable functions
  • time synchronisation options
  • case types, finishes and specifications
  • environment, accuracy & international quality and performance standards
  • order specification codes


model digit height maximum viewing
size – width x height x depth weight
6010.057 57mm – 2.3″ 25m – 75ft 1470 x 135 x 66mm – 57.9″ x 5.6″ x 2.7″ 7kg – 15lb
6010.100 100mm – 4″ 50m – 150ft 2600 x 260 x 66mm – 102.4″ x 9.15″ x 2.7″ 16kg – 35lb
sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mounted clocks