4670 series electronic calendar

date display

4670x.05.R.S calendar display with 50mm – 2″ red characters
Maximum viewing distance:  25m – 75″‘

World Time Wall Clocks – Overview

he 4670 calendar display clock provide abbreviated day-of-week, day-of-month and abbreviated month information in a choice of more than 20 different languages

The 4670 calendar display unit is available in a variety of case type and finishes for wall or flush mounting or ceiling suspension.

Ethernet ntp versions with PoE option – many other synchronisation options – infra red remote

You can display the day and date in many languages

You can easily program your Wharton calendar clock to display the abreviated day-of-week and month in a single language or two or three alternating languages that you can select from:

Català – Čeština – Dansk – Deutsch – English – Español – Føroyskt – Français – Galego
Hrvatski – Italiano – język polski – Magyar – Nederlands – Norsk – Português
Russkij jazyk – Slovenščina – Suomi – Svenska – Welsh

Features, options and specifications

  • standard and programmable operational features
  • time synchronisation options
  • case types and finishes
  • environment, accuracy and international standards
  • up/down programmable stopwatch operation
  • optional temperature display
  • order specification codes


model digit height maximum viewing
size – width x height x depth weight
4670x.05 50mm – 2″ 25m – 75ft 460 x 90 x 58mm – 18.1″ x 3.5″ x 2.3″ 3kg – 6.6lb
sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mounted clocks