4590 Large Islamic Hijri date calendar

wall clock

4590x.05.R.S Islamic calendar clock with 50mm – 2″ red characters
Maximum viewing distance: 25m – 75′

World Time Wall Clocks – Overview

The 4590 Islamic calendar clock is available with blue, red, green or yellow illuminated displays using 50mm – 2” high characters.

Cases for wall, flush and ceiling suspended mounting are available in a range of finishes.

The clock has a dual calendar with accurate timekeeping and can be programmed to show the Islamic or standard calendar alone or both calendars alternating.

The 459A.05 Islamic calendar wall clock uses the following abbreviations for displaying the Islamic months:

  • Muharram – Muharram
  • Safar – Safar
  • Rabi’ul Awwal – R Awwal
  • Rabi’ul Akhir – R Akhir
  • Jamaadil Awaal – J Awaal
  • Jamaadi Akhir – J Akhir
  • Rajab – Rajab
  • Sha’baan- Shabaan
  • Ramadhan – Ramadhan
  • Shawwal – Shawwal
  • Zul Qa’Dah – Z Quadah
  • Zul Hijjah – Z Hijjah

Features, options and specifications

  • standard and programmable operational features
  • time synchronisation options
  • case types and finishes
  • environment, accuracy and international standards
  • up/down programmable stopwatch operation
  • optional temperature display
  • order specification codes


model digit height maximum viewing
size – width x height x depth weight
4590x.05 50mm – 2″ 25m – 75ft 554 x 180 x 58mm – 21.8″ x 7.1″ x 2.3″ 3kg – 6.6lb
sizes and weights are for .S. single sided wall mounted clocks