4010 and 4200 outdoor digital wall clock

120mm high digits

4010x.120.W.SE digital clock with 120mm and 100mm – 4.7″ and 4″ white digits

4200x.120.W.SE digital clock with 120mm – 4.7″ white digits
Maximum veiwing distance:  60m – 180′

World Time Wall Clocks – Overview

This range of outdoor clocks with 120mm – 4.7” high characters is suitable for viewing in direct sunlight at distances of up to 60m – 180ft. The clock has an IP65 – (NEMA 4X equivalent) enclosure manufactured to EN 60529.

These clocks have London Underground and Network Rail Infrastructure approval (PA05/03968)

An optional 10/100Base-t port can be specified for PoE power and IP Ethernet NTP time synchronisation and management.

This range of outdoor wall clocks is available with ultra bright red, yellow/amber or white displays for outdoor use in direct sunlight or, at lower cost , with standard brightness red or green characters for use in internal applications where IP65 level protection is required in industrial process or similar environments.

The clock can be set to show time only, or display alternating time and date or time and temperature. The display of temperature requires the -406 option.

The excellent readability of this range and the robust design of their cases make them particularly suitable for railway station concourse and platform use and other similar applications.

Features, options and specifications

  • standard and programmable operational features
  • time synchronisation options
  • case types and finishes
  • environment, accuracy & international standards
  • up/down programmable stopwatch operation
  • alternating time and date with optional temperature display
  • order specification codes


model digit height maximum viewing
size – width x height x depth weight
4010x.120.Ux.SE 120 & 100mm
– 4.7″ & 4″
60m – 180′ 751 x 240 x 123mm
– 29.6″ x 9.4″ x 4.8″
6kg – 13lb
4200x.120.Ux.SE 120mm – 4.7″ 60m – 180ft 526 x 240 x 123mm
– 20.7″ x 9.4″ x 4.8″
5kg – 11lb
sizes and weights are for .SE. single sided wall mounted clocks